Quantum Soup Studios at Level Up Wales 2017

Quantum Soup Studios at Level Up Wales 2017

Quantum Soup Studios at Level Up Wales 2017

Level Up Wales is pleased to be hosting Quantum Soup Studios at our annual expo this month.

Quantum Soup is an independent games studio based in North Wales, founded by industry veterans with over 50 years of experience at TT Games, Electronic Arts, Psygnosis and more. Their debut title is Talesinger: Voice of the Dragon…an RPG without combat. Founders Chris Payne and Ralph Ferneyhough also established the northern arm of the Games Wales Group and have worked closely with Richard Hebblewhite at Glyndwr for several years to help grow the games industry in North Wales.

Talesinger is a narrative RPG without combat set in Celtic Wales, for PC and consoles.
Play as apprentice bard Gwen, tasked with uniting the quarrelling Celtic tribes against the invading Romans. Instead of fighting, use your songs and stories to inspire, persuade, or shame chieftains into action. Explore the ancient stones and hill forts of Iron Age Wales. Combine three different branches of magic; Bardic performance, Vate oratory and Druidic spiritualism. Plan your journeys around punishing weather, limited supplies, and the inexorable encroach of Roman forces. Talk with spirits, walk in myth, and fuel the legendary fire of the Celts.

The world of Talesinger is the untamed landscape of Iron Age Wales, dotted with tiny pinpoints of warmth and shelter; farms, villages, and hillforts.

At these settlements the player can talk to Celtic villagers, gather crafting ingredients, and perform songs for audiences, with the goal of recruiting the local chieftain to resist the Roman invasion. Songs are focal story points, usually performed in the evening when the player has had all day to investigate the community’s secrets, and decide which of their song library will have the most powerful effect. There are multiple conclusions to a given story depending on how the player chooses to resolve it.

Druidic crafting involves combining ingredients with the correct *symbolic* meanings into totems which the player can equip to modify stats or unlock specific additional abilities. The symbolic design keeps the player in a narrative mindset and feeds in to the other story mechanics.

Talesinger is a game about the power of words and human inspiration. Story is your weapon.

The team will be available to speak with and will be exhibiting their upcoming game Talesinger at the Level Up Wales exhibition hall on May 17th, 2017. You can learn more about Quantum Soup Studios at http://quantum-soup.co.uk/

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