Ethereal Games Looking to Level Up

Ethereal Games Looking to Level Up

Ethereal Games Looking to Level Up

The Level Up Wales team are looking forward to catching up with Ethereal Games at next weeks annual games technology expo.

Ethereal was formed as part of Wrexham Glyndwr University’s Business Accelerator programme as part of their popular computer game development course. The team is made up of final four year game development students, and one student from the North Wales Business School. They have been working hard all year to complete the first professional build of their flagship game called Prowl.

Prowl is a third person multiplayer game heavily influenced by Mayan and Aztec culture with strong hunting elements and bow and arrow combat. Players must use environmental clue’s like trampled grass or footprints in the mud in order to track down the their prey whilst attempting to remaining hidden.

The design of the environment is a key factor within the game and has been devised to facilitate hunting and tracking mechanics. Features such as leaving trails through grass and mud, audio detection where players have to listen out for cracking of twigs, animal sounds or a rustle of a bush, laying traps for opponents to either slow them down or leave them mortally wounded.

After a year of hard work, the team has been successful in attracting business funding and will be looking to continue work on Prowl over the summer period with a full release expected in early 2018.

The Ethereal team will be showing an early build of Prowl at Level Up Wales on Wednesday 17th of May and will be available to speak with throughout the day. Entrance is free (no tickets needed!). Follow team Ethereal at

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