Battenberg Studios: The Art of Time Travel

Battenberg Studios: The Art of Time Travel

Battenberg Studios: The Art of Time Travel

Battenberg Studios are a small indie team based in Wrexham, North Wales. Originally formed as part of their final year project at Wrexham Glyndwr University, they have been working all year on their debut game, Project Chronos.

Project Chronos is a first person stealth-action game and makes innovative use of time travel mechanics to allow the player to solve puzzles, defeat enemies and traverse the unique sci-fi inspired environment.

Karl Spurgin, lead programmer at Battenberg Studios said “We’ve spent a huge amount of time modifying the Unreal 4 Engine to support our unique time distortion mechanics. Players can slow down time or even reverse it completely in order to recover from their mistakes. Some game objects require the player to speed up time dramatically, allowing them to rapidly age things such as doors and vents, making them easier to move or destroy.

Designing an environment and game AI system to support and work with these elements has been challenging, but we’ve learnt a lot as a team during the process”.

Battenberg Studios is one of three successful Business Accelerator teams at Wrexham Glyndwr University this year, and have been working closely with the North Wales Business School in order to further develop the business and marketing elements of the studio.

The team will be showing Project Chronos at Level Up Wales this week and will be available to speak with during the day. Level Up is a free event, and no tickets are required. Doors open from 10am – 5pm on Wednesday, May 17th.

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